LOCAL'd Edible Review

LOCAL'd recently gifted me the entire selection of LOCAL’d edibles to try and review.

When it came time to write the review, I got an idea to try each of the edibles over the course of the evening, and thought I’d write about the experience while they were in effect. This turned out to be one of the most relaxing and pain-free evenings I’ve had in weeks, but (needless to say) was not a great idea as far as productivity goes.

No writing took place on that day or in the days following, but I was able to document the experience via Instagram Stories that evening. For the Recap of that hilarious journey, click here to watch @Getlocal’d Highlight stories.

Four days after that experience, I finally regained enough brain power and motivation to write a little more about my take on those edibles. Trying every edible option that Local’d offers over the course of one night was not my brightest idea, and I don’t recommend over-dosing intentionally. The overdose symptoms from cannabis vary, but it’s important to be aware that using cannabis carelessly can cause serious and harmful effects to your mental and physical health.

Thankfully, the worst side effect from my poor decisions that evening were only severe sleepiness and lingering brain fog. Keep reading for my personal review on the Local’d edibles I tried, but before you do that…

Be an educated consumer, and click here to read more about the basics of edibles.

Are you wondering what kind of edibles LOCAL’d gifts with qualified purchases and how to find them?

There are a few options you can choose from that will come with edibles. These options will be referenced by the mood indicator set as “🍬”. From there, you will notice in the sidebar that there are several gift and quantity options (indicated by different emojis) available to you. Use the emoji key on the bottom right of the screen to help choose the gift options currently available to you.

With your purchase of each 🍬 item you’ll have the option to choose: the pack of one bottle of THC infused iced tea, the pack of two lollipops, the pack of 3 rice crispy treats (coming soon and did not try), the pack of four mini oreo cookies, or the pack of five gummy bears. Each offer a great sublingual edible experience.

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The Lollipops: 75 mg THC per lollipop, 150 mg THC per pack

I was immediately surprised at how good it tasted; the flavor was really similar to a Jolly Rancher. In my experience, all THC edibles have some kind of cannabis flavor that is an unavoidable fact of the matter; Just like all alcohol has an alcohol taste, all edibles taste somewhat like cannabis. This lollipop in particular had a very mild cannabis flavor; I actually had to remind myself to take breaks and lick the candy very slowly instead of completely submerging it in my mouth. I started to feel the effects within twenty-minutes, so I put the lollipop away for another time, even though I still had more than half of it left.

The Mini Oreos: 75 mg THC per oreo, 300 mg per pack

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to control the dosing of the mini oreos as easily because I figured it would be hard to break in half. It turns out that they are very easy to cut into fourths and halves, which means you can make these last and still get a bang for your buck. Instead of chewing the oreo, I let half dissolve in my mouth so that I wouldn’t need to digest it. By doing so, it enters the system faster. The taste of these little guys is also surprisingly delicious. If you like Oreos in general like I do, you may want to have regular, non-THC Oreos on hand. (I found myself craving Oreos afterward, and it was so hard to keep myself from eating more than the appropriate dose for me).  

The Gummy Bears: 20 mg THC per gummy bear, 100 mg per pack

I cut one gummy bear in thirds (and ate just the gummy’s head) when I tried it because I had already consumed more than my fair share of THC on that particular day. I would definitely opt to cut the gummy bear in thirds again, and use the (approximate) 6mg dose for mild high, especially if I was wanting something good for day time use. I wasn’t crazy about the flavor of the gummy bear, but it dissolved really quickly in my mouth and as a result I felt the effects very quickly (within 30 minutes).   

The Infused Iced Tea: 200 mg THC per bottle

I found this was the hardest method to dose for myself, because I am someone who prefers lower doses of THC at a time. Because of this, I had to be very careful about how I measured out my serving. Since I had already consumed around 60 milligrams of THC prior to trying this edible drink, I was already pushing my personal limits even with the smallest sip. As someone who is more comfortable with a 5-10 milligram dose, you can see why the iced tea might not be the best option for me. However, I think it’s definitely great for someone who has a higher tolerance and/or for someone who is looking for a more intense, longer lasting experience.  

Are you wondering how you can ensure you have a safe edible experience?

Familiarize yourself with these 6 Rules beforehand:

  1. Do not mix marijuana with alcohol or other drugs. If you are using marijuana medicinally, make sure you consult with your treating physicians before medicating with THC and CBD products.
  2. Before taking an edible or (using cannabis in general), clear your schedule and find a safe, legal place to do so.
  3. Eat a good meal and drink hydrating fluids, just as you should before drinking or taking certain prescription drugs.
  4. Start with an edible dose of no more than 10 milligrams of THC-- preferably 2.5 or 5 milligrams for newbies.
  5. If you don’t feel your edible, DO NOT sample more edibles unless you’ve already waited at least two hours to feel the peak effects. Better yet, wait a day or more before upping your initial dose by 5 or 10 milligrams. Do this until you find what is comfortable for you.
  6. If you get too high, do your best not to panic and remind yourself it will pass. Drink water, rest and call or text a friend you trust. If you feel you are having a severe panic attack or a medical emergency, call 911.  

DISCLAIMER: This is not intended as medical advice. I am not a medical professional or scientist. I’m also not a lawyer and can’t defend you if you get busted trying to make this recipe in a state where possession or cultivation of cannabis are still a criminal act. I don’t agree with cannabis prohibition laws, but also don’t want anyone to get in trouble. Jail would suck big time.  
Instead, I strongly encourage that you work to change the law on a state and federal level by supporting and being active in grassroots organizations that are trying to legalize cannabis in your area (they’re everywhere). This blog and the products Local’d offers are only intended for Local’d customers who live where medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal, who are 21 and older, of sound mind, and who understand that operating heavy machinery (cars, trucks, planes, ect) under the influence of any intoxicant, including marijuana is dangerous and stupid. Instead, support public transit or a use a ride sharing service like Lyft, and enjoy your buzz even more by knowing you’re being responsible.

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