Featured Brand: Sasya Foods

LOCATION: Washington DC | FOUNDED: 2016 | WHERE TO BUY: LOCAL'd, Glen's Garden Market, Union Kitchen Grocery, Whole Foods, Streets Market & Cafe, Dawson's Market, Odd Provisions, From the Farmer, Soapstone Market, Foggy Bottom Grocery and Shop Made in DC. Also available for shipping nationwide! | CAMPAIGN GOAL: $50,000

ABOUT: Sasya in Sanskrit translates to ‘Whole’. Our mission in creating Sasya is to introduce authentic and healthy Indian flavors made with real food into every day snacking.

Our delicious chips and dips, are created from unique family recipes from the villages of India to bring richness and flavor to American food, without adding any artificial flavors, sugars, colors, preservatives present in comparable products around stores today. We cook them to perfection in a blend of spices and herbs to bring a distinctly delicious flavor. What's more? All Sasya products are high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to provide a healthy and flavorful snacks inspired from India. Shop Now

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