DC's Best Glass Shops: Glass House Gallery DC

This three part series will take a closer look into the best Glass Shops throughout DC while giving recommendations on the perfect hangout spots while you're out in those areas. 

LOCAL'd has you covered with your cannabis and delicious treats, but where should you turn when you want to add another glass piece to your collection?…or if you’re like me, when you need a need a new glass piece because your cat knocked yours off the counter.

 Fear not, Washingtonians! We have you covered. This week’s post is the first of a three part series featuring our top three picks for best local smoke shops in the Washington DC area.

“Pass. No thanks, I’m good” you might think to yourself as you glance over at whatever old, busted smoking apparatus you’ve been using for too long.

Are you sure you don’t need help finding something new? Because trust me, I’ve been that person. I’ve been the person who convinces themselves they’re fine smoking out of an apple or a gross, clogged up piece because I was too lazy to buy papers, or replace whatever glass thing I broke or lost the last time.

But you and I both know that no matter how good your weed is, it will suck if you smoke it out of something that sucks.

Seriously though, no judgement over here! We’ve all been through it; bought a shitty, cheap product we found behind the counter of a sketchy head shop, paid over-price for lukewarm service, only to buy something that isn’t very functional and makes your bud taste terrible. 

Right now maybe you’re thinking ,” But why should I put on pants? Can’t I just get something on Amazon?”

 I guess you could, if you wanted to be a less-fun person who doesn’t support local businesses, sure.

But you’re better than that. Treat yourself or a friend to something new at one of these local shops.

As a bonus, we’re also spotlighting our nearest favorite place to grab a drink and have some fun. Since you’ll have already gone to the trouble of putting on pants, why not spend some time in the neighborhood?

 Local’d Customer Challenge: Take an Instagram post of you shopping and/ or stopping by the locations we’ve recommended, tag a friend and LOCAL’d in your post, and you’ll both be entered to win a free gift with your next Local’d purchase!

Glass Shop on Spotlight: Glass House Gallery
Glass House Gallery is a new and valuable addition to the growing Shaw neighborhood located at 1527 9th Street NW. Staying true to Shaw’s artistic and eclectic style, this small shop fits right in. The intricate, hand made works of art are sourced from local and world renowned glass artists, and are sure to impress any guest you have over for a smoke session. Not in the market for a new piece? Check out their Instagram @GlassHouseGallery to be inspired by their beautifully psychedelic feed.

The nearby hangout: Dacha Beer Garden.
Now that the weather is warming up, Dacha is the perfect place to gather with friends on a weekend afternoon, especially if you want a dog friendly option!

Expect crowds (especially weekends), but know that the ambience, beer selection and their giant bavarian pretzels are worth it. Insider Tip: The restaurant’s street art mural of Elizabeth Taylor is the exact pop of color your Instagram feed needs.


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