Missed Delivery & Re-Delivery Policy Update

As you know here at LOCAL'd we strive to provide our customers with nothing but exceptional service and products. From the layout of our website to the tracking notifications provided by our drivers, we are always looking for ways to make the customer experience better every time. Unfortunately due to an increasing number of missed and rescheduled deliveries caused by customer error we have noticed a challenge of being able to get to everyone within a certain amount of time. With that being said, we will be making some changes to our missed delivery and redelivery policies. 

Effective as of today, our drivers will be expected to wait up to no more than 5 minutes upon arrival. If the driver is unable to reach a customer then our dispatching team will also try to reach out which will include a call and an email. If we are unable to get in touch with the customer after this amount of time the driver will abandon the order and continue on with his/her route. This will also apply to customers who are not at their destination yet upon the drivers arrival. 

If a customer misses his/her order they will need to reschedule by reaching out to our dispatching team directly via live chat, email or phone. The order will then be placed back in queue at the stated estimated delivery time at that moment. There will also be a required redelivery fee of $5. If a customer does not wish to reschedule their order at that time we will be able to either reschedule for a later date or cancel it altogether which would apply a $10 cancellation fee. 

A few tips to avoid a missed delivery: 

- If you are traveling in from outside of DC make sure you are already at the provided address before placing the order. If you are not at the address yet then you can either place a note in the 'Special Instruction Box' informing us exactly what time you'll be arriving or you can select for 'Same Day Delivery' and request a specific delivery time when ordering. Avoid selecting 'On Demand' if you know you will not be at that location right away. 

- If you are running late for an order, reach out to us beforehand (via live chat is preferred). If the driver hasn't already started making his/her way to the delivery address provided then there is still time to notify them prior to arrival. 

- Double check if all your information is correct. This is a crucial step when placing an order and one of the most common errors in missed deliveries. If a phone number or email was inputted incorrectly there is no way for our team to catch this mistake and no way for us to get in contact with you. 

- Keep in mind that our estimated delivery time is "within" the stated time period. If our 'On Demand' option states "within 1 hour" that will mean that the delivery will take place at any point up to an hour. It does not mean that the driver will arrive in 1 hour. 

- Make sure that you have your phone on you and that it is not on silent.

With this new policy in place our goal is to be able to ensure a 30 minute or less delivery time, all the time. By eliminating these delays we are confident that we can achieve this with the help from you!

For all questions, comments or concerns regarding these changes do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for being awesome and as always we appreciate your business and loyalty with LOCAL'd. We look forward to continuing to serve you! 



Thats reasonable but I literally stood in,the rain on the sidewalk,waiting for a guy who kept,calling,but wouldn’t,get out,of,his,car to come to,the,door. Tipped 8 bucks,for the privilege Its not,just you guys. Pizza guys are all,the sudden,too cool to deliver and,one guy asked me,for a manicure! Ok thats a lie. Still,loyal in demoine


Jill, Thank you for your comment! Waiving the redelivery/cancellation fee will always be considered under certain circumstances as we know unexpected situations can occur.


I’m sorry you have to do this but I fully support you with one thing for Local’d to consider: I’ve made a few orders with Local’d and they all went smoothly except one in which I ended up canceling the order. I am glad Local’d didn’t charge me a cancellation fee because I probably wouldn’t have been happy. I made an order and was in DC to pick it up but couldn’t come up with a proper meeting spot (this may have been my first ever order from Local’d) as I’m not familiar with DC so the driver picked a meeting place at which I arrived and began waiting. The place at which I waited was in an industrial area in a parking lot under a bridge across the street from a large police staging area of some sort where parked across the street was a myriad of police vehicles, trailers, and SWAT equipment. I felt like a sitting duck and quite scared not being sure who was going to show up, the police or a nice, friendly Local’d driver! I canceled after waiting just 5-10 minutes and Local’d fully refunded me with understanding. This experience set the stage for me to try again and with success! Thank you!


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