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Swift Technique Koozie


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Swift Technique, Philadelphia’s fiery funk extravaganza, is sprinting into their tenth year at full speed! Their unique blend of funk, soul, rock, hip-hop and relentless showmanship has propelled the group into their most successful period to date. Featuring the powerhouse vocals of Chelsea ViaCava, the band has released two new  music videos for their singles, “Lucky Bump” and “Reason to Be.” With bombastic horns, thunderous bass and drums, driving guitar and keys, and more dance moves than you can shake a booty at, Swift Tech’s live performances are unmatched in energy, musicianship and pure feel-good fun.

Show Info: 

Swift Technique w/Black Masala
February 2nd, 2018
Pearl Street Warehouse
33 Pearl St SW
Doors @ 7/ Show @ 8

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Premium | Two koozies
Deluxe | Four koozies


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